HDMI Distribution

Rock solid HDMI performance built in the USA- including the HDMI motherboard

This where HDMI started- the Zektor Clarity HD® series.  Zektor’s Clarity HD® 8X8 is the second generation HDMI platform with improvements and upgrades to include a field replaceable output module in the rare case of a field failure due to lighting strike or electrical surge.  New for the v3 series is the audio input and audio extraction via S/PDIF connectors.

Our integrated SoloCAT HD transmitter includes HDMI over HDBaseT technology, bi directional IR, bi directional RS232 and a 10/100 Ethernet input.  Zektor uses a Power Over Ethernet (POE) design.  This is handy when there is only one CAT drop in the zone so that the Clarity HD® can provide Internet connectivity when needed with our SoloCAT HD MAX receiver.