“You can only get burned so many times.  If my jobs go well, I get paid.  If they go bad, the profit goes away.  I don’t get wrapped up in name brands, glossy ads and sleek packaging.  I want the product to work so I can move on to the next job.  Zektor works, end of story.”


Brad Sundberg, owner

Custom Installation company



The great thing about Zektor is that their people “get it” at every level.  You can feel it just talking to them on the phone.  They are passionate about everything from the initial design of their products to the support of their dealers.  They understand that their success and growth hinges directly on the success of their dealers, and they work tirelessly to build and support products that make our systems perform reliably at a very high level.


Great products, backed by great people equals a great company.  There are too few companies like Zektor in our industry today.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Rhea Robison, owner

Custom Installation company



What a pleasure to be able to recommend a company as exceptional as Zektor.

Choosing Zektor for this project turned out to offer far greater value than simply the product at hand. The product was very well thought out and the entire team was spot on with their service from the point of ordering to the final day of install. I had a couple of questions regarding drivers and for the first time in a long time it was nice to talk to someone who was speaking the same technical language.

Jeff Madden, owner

Custom Installation company