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  ZVG User Guide
User Guide for the ZVG. (460K)
  ZVG Schematic
Latest Revision ZVG Schematic. (323K)
  ZVG Cable Diagrams
Cable drawings and pinouts, includes Bill of Materials. (323K)
  Vectrex Cable Installation
Instructions for disassembling a Vectrex and connecting the ZVG Vectrex Cable. (334K)
  ZVG Software Development Kit
Version 1.1a of the ZVG SDK.

This also includes the ZVGTweak utility.
This utility allows you to fully exploit the power of the ZVG. Adjust every aspect of drawing a vector. Adjust start and endpoint intensity, star intensity, jump speed, hardware scaling factor, contrast and brightness, and more.

Full source code is included. (194K)

CD Rev 4.3 ISO Image

ISO Image of the CD included with the ZVG.
Includes all of the above.

The ISO image was compressed using "7-Zip". (102M)


Chad Gray's VMMenu - New Version (Ver 1.2 - 03/15/2011)

This is an alternative to the Vector Menu driver written by Ian Boffin, that was included with the ZVG. It picks up where Ian's left off. (Chad worked with Ian, and uses his graphics, and assuredly some of his insights.)

New in this version is:
spinner/mouse support,
customizable colors,
support for old versions of mame lacking the zvg_menu switch,
smarter navigation mode option,
keyboard led support,
and various other tweaks.

With rotation added previously and customizable controls plus spinner support, this should be usable in Tempest cabs.

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