Please note that a monitor cable is not supplied with the basic ZVG kit. Choose the cable or cables that fit your vector monitor from our selection of cables.

Hardware Requirements

PC Requirements:

  • 800MHz or faster processor (for MAME).
  • ECP Compatible Parallel Port.
  • DOS MAME Compatible Sound Card.

Compatible Vector Monitors
The ZVG will work with any analog X/Y Monitor including any dual channel oscilloscope that can be set to an X/Y mode. The ZVG will NOT work with the Cinematronics X/Y Monitors, as these monitors do not accept analog input. Here's a list of some of the compatible monitors:

  • WG6101 Color Monitor.
  • WG6401 Late Generation Color Monitor.
  • Amplifone Color Monitor (15" and 19").
  • G05 Black & White Monitor (15" and 19").
  • G08 Color Monitor (Sega).
  • 19V2000 Black & White Monitor.
  • The Vectrex.
  • Any dual channel oscilloscope in X/Y mode.

Note: Monitor Cables must be purchased separately!

Operator Requirements

Ability to work in DOS environment.
The most effective way to get a ZVG card up and running is to start by getting VectorMAME up and running. This includes the more difficult task of getting a sound card up and running. Once this is done, it's relatively simple to plug the ZVG into the parallel port and start generating vectors.

An understanding of what's involved in getting power to an X/Y monitor. Which requires an understanding of the following paragraph:
The cables supplied by Zektor assume you have the power supply block commonly used by the monitor for which the cable is designed to operate. For instance the WG6100 cable assumes the Atari power block, and is wired to plug directly into it. However any transformer of 25v-0v-25v design, and sufficient current (~5A) would work, but requires the user to splice the wires normally going to the Atari transformer and connect them to the user supplied transformer.

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