I'd like to personally thank some of those who have helped with getting the ZVG running in MAME.

Thank you to...

Frank Palazzolo who is responsible for initially incorporating the ZVG drivers into DOS Mame. Before this, there was no ZVG support on MAME.

Mark Perreira who added the vector overlays needed to play Armor Attack and Warrior. He also added colorization to B&W games such as Star Castle and Battlezone, where color was originally done with overlays.

Ian Boffin who wrote the menu front-end pictured to the right. Unfortunately all the source code was lost in a hard disk crash! However the logo artwork is beautiful! If worse comes to worse I'll manually recreate those vectors by tracing them onto some graphing paper placed over the monitor.

Chad Gray who re-wrote a menu front-end from scratch after a hard disk crash destroyed Ian Boffin's original source code. He was able to use the logo work Ian Boffin designed for his original menu, and from there create an even more versatile front-end.

Aaron Giles for the work he's done on the Cinematronics driver, which I have a soft spot for, having written the original CCPU core that MAME is based on.

The MAME Team who has incorporated all the above changes into the MAME source code. Running the ZVG on the newest version of DosMAME is as simple as adding "-ZVG 2" to the command line!


 Click on ICONs to download files
  VectorMAME 0.96 (Binary)
Newest version of DOS Mame compiled to include only the vector games. This release includes the recently re-discovered vector game QB-3. Unzip this file to its own directory, add roms, and it's ready to run. (8.9M)
  vmame.zip (for Versions 0.96 through .100)
Add this file to Dos Mame's "/src" directory and compile DOS Mame with the command line options "TARGET=vmame" and "MAMEOS=msdos" to re-create the above version of VectorMAME. (2K)
Ian Boffin's vector menu front end. This is already included in the VectorMAME 0.96 release above, but is also made available here as a separate download.

Chad Gray's VMMenu - New Version (Ver 1.2 - 03/15/2011)

This is an alternative to the Vector Menu driver written by Ian Boffin, that was included with the ZVG. It picks up where Ian's left off. (Chad worked with Ian, and uses his graphics, and assuredly some of his insights.)

New in this version is:
spinner/mouse support,
customizable colors,
support for old versions of mame lacking the zvg_menu switch,
smarter navigation mode option,
keyboard led support,
and various other tweaks.

With rotation added previously and customizable controls plus spinner support, this should be usable in Tempest cabs.

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