Black and White Pictures on a B&W Display

These pictures are taken on a G05-805 15" B&W.

B&W vector games are unique in that they cannot be properly emulated on a VGA monitor. Even if you were to find an old B&W PC monitor and ran MAME, the vectors would still be rendered with stairstep effects because all PC monitors are raster based and vectors drawn on them must be rasterized.

Even these pictures cannot display the true look of the vectors since you will be viewing them on a raster monitor. The only way to display the old B&W vector games with the same look as the original game, is on a B&W vector monitor.

If you click on the picture of the monitor to the left, you will see a larger version that shows some phosphor burn damage on the CRT, you'll also notice this on a few of the close up pictures below.

In a attempt to get the clearest pictures I could, these pictures were taken with the lights dimmed. Since these B&W pictures compressed well, I did not resize the originals from the 2048x1536 captured by my camera. B&W vector monitors are the most unforgiving when showing problems with vector generators, and these images are among the best at showing off the capabilities of the ZVG.

The ZVG is an analog vector generator and all vectors are drawn as smooth continuous lines. Any jagged edges and changes in intensity you see in the vectors are artifacts of my camera, image compression, and / or your monitor.

 Click on each picture to view a larger image:

Asteroids Deluxe


Lunar Lander

Omega Race

Space War

Red Baron

Rip Off

Star Castle

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