Color Pictures on a B&W Monitor

These are pictures of color games being display on a G05-805 15" B&W Vector Monitor.

The B&W vector monitors add an edge of crispness to the color vector games because of their much higher resolution. So a game like Tempest, though its color is lost, the higher resolution allows you to see what's lurking inside the "Tanks" much earlier than even an Amplifone monitor would allow. Quantum's solid images appear as individual vectors when displayed on the high resolution screen of a B&W vector monitor.

It's interesting to note that a digital camera cannot take a true picture of a vector, since digital cameras are pixel based. For instance the solid shapes in Quantum appear solid in these pictures as well, I would have to zoom in on individual shapes before the resolution of my camera could show the individual vectors. On the real monitor you can clearly see the individual vectors that make up Quantum's solid shapes. The vectors used to draw solid shapes in Astarac are far enough apart to be seen as individual vectors in these pictures.

The ZVG is an analog vector generator and all vectors are drawn as smooth continuous lines. Any jagged edges and changes in intensity you see in the vectors are artifacts of my camera, image compression, and / or your monitor.

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Ian's Vector Menu



Major Havoc

Space Duel

Star Wars



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