Color Pictures on a Color Monitor

Here are some screen shots of VectorMAME running in a converted Space Duel cabinet.

These pictures were taken with a tripod and a Nikon 995 digital camera. I've zoomed in until the full image fills the picture, and have dimmed the lights to cut down on reflections. I played with the color balance to get it the best I can, but the yellows still look dim, and the blues sometimes a bit purple, they look fine on the real monitor.

Also take note that the upper part of the monitor has some convergence problems, especially the upper right. These are most noticeable on the B&W images on the next page, and is why the "INSERT COIN" in the upper right corner of the Aztarac image looks a little blurry. 

Tempest is being shown as it appears on a horizontal monitor, so it's resolution is smaller than it would be on a vertical monitor. VectorMAME allows you to rotate the image properly so that vertical games display properly on a vertical monitor.

All the vectors are drawn with smooth continuous colors, any variations in vector color (for instance the bright spots in the Star Wars logo) are caused by my camera and / or are image compression artifacts.

 Click on each picture to view a larger image:


Boxing Bugs

Star Wars

Empire Strikes Back


Space Fury Dude

Zektor Babe

Major Havoc

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