Black and White Pictures on a Color Monitor

Here are some screen shots of VectorMAME running in a converted Space Duel cabinet.

These are B&W games running on a WG6101 monitor. Some games look better than others on the low resolution CRT of the WG6101. Many B&W games included more details than a typical color game, and those details are lost on the color monitor. For instance Space War used very small ships and while playable, doesn't do as well on the WG6101, on the other hand, Asteroids doesn't look bad.

These pictures were taken with a tripod and a Nikon 995 digital camera. I've zoomed in until the full image fills the picture, and have dimmed the lights to cut down on reflections. My monitor has some convergence problems near the top, especially the top right corner, you'll see it's effects in the upper right score of Asteroids, and the explosion in Omega Race. For some reason my camera has given the white vectors a bluish hue, on the real monitor they're white.

 Click on each picture to view a larger image:


Asteroids Deluxe

Omega Race


Red Baron

Star Castle

Speed Freak

Tail Gunner

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