Using the Vectrex as an X/Y Monitor

Here are some examples of running VectorMAME on a Vectrex monitor, click on pictures for larger images.

There are a couple of things to note about using a Vectrex as a vector monitor:

1) Using the Vectrex is simply a matter of removing some internal jumpers and connecting our cable in their place. There is even a hole in the bottom of the Vectrex that allows our cable to remain in place with the back cover attached. Those Vectrex guys thought of everything! (Click here for more details.)

2) The Vectrex monitor quality is not that of a true arcade quality monitor. For a worst case example look at the close up of Temp est. The high score slopes to the right, the characters look somewhat like a font from a Tim Burton movie, and not all endpoints properly line up. Also, you cannot overscan the Vectrex (you can't drive vectors off the edge of the screen). When vectors that are meant to extended beyond the edge of the screen are drawn, they will fold back on themselves instead. This is a Vectrex design issue. But all in all the games look very nice and the Vectrex makes for a great "Portable Vector Mul tigame", especially when attached to a laptop. (Note: Before dedicating a laptop, verify it has an ECP port and that you can get DOS soundcard drivers for it!)

The cool thing is that the Vectrex is running at nearly the same speed as the Wells Gardner WG6101 vector monitor! The Vectrex vectors take longer to start and stop, so the endpoint speeds must be set slower for a Vectrex, however the actual vector drawing speed is the same as that of a WG6101 monitor.

 Click on each picture to view a larger image:


Tempest Close Up


Space Fury

Space Fury Dude

Zektor Babe


Star Wars

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